The History of the Wooden Sand Tray

The history of the Wooden Sand Tray is believed to have started in 1911 when Author H.B. Wells published a Book entitled: Floor Games. Wells in his book Floor Games describes “The jolliest indoor games for boys and girls demand a floor.”[1] His book is illustrated with photographs and drawings. Floor Games was a precursor […]

Aspen Wooded Sand Tray with Lid

Introducing the Aspen Wooden Sand Tray with Lid. The most traditional Wooden Sand Tray for Miniatures is one of Play Therapy Outlets most popular sellers. It’s traditional lightweight soft Aspen has a bright white finish for superior durability and a wonderful texture for years of Play Therapy use. Originally when Play Therapy Outlet started building […]

Rolling Cart with SandTray

Mobile is the future of the Wooden Sand Tray with Lid! If you have been reading Play Therapy Outlet’s Blog posts you will see the History of how the Sand Tray came to be with the humble beginnings starting with H.B. Wells Book “Floor Games” over a hundred years ago.Fast forward to today in 2019 […]

What is Sand Play Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy (also known as Sand Play Therapy) is used to help individuals who have experience a traumatic event. Sand Tray Therapy is often used to treat children or adolescences and adults. Sandplay may also be family or group therapy.Play Therapist or Child Therapist may use Sand Tray Therapies to treat and diagnose many […]

Teaching Wooden Court Set

Introducing the only Teaching Wooden Court Set on the market! We had a large interest early on and searches suggested that we create a wooden court set for Play Therapist use. These Wooden Court Sets were extremely popular very early on and we plan on implementing a Facebook campaign where we have a special wooden […]

Guidance Games

Play Therapy Outlet has a wide assortment of Guidance Games, many are classics as well as several new additions. Why not check out Play Therapy Outlets New products.One of the favorites that we sell is a great product created by Lawrence E. Shapiro Ph.D. a World renowned Child Therapist that made the Card Decks called […]

Therapy Toys

Therapy Toys can be a very effective and helpful Play Therapy tool. The use of Play Therapy toys are widely used for calming, and alerting, they promote focus and concentrating, many Therapy Toys decrease stress and increase tactile awareness of fingers and arms through the use of proprioceptive input. The proprioceptive input system activities can […]

How does Play Therapy help Children's behavior?

When adults are faced with big issues in life they are able to speak with others and share our problems with one another as a way of working through trauma and other life stessors. With children, particular younger children that are faced with life changing issues, it is extremely difficult for them to verbalize what […]

Wooden Sand Tray with Lid and Stand

“Sandplay allows a movement within the client that is profound. It identifies unspoken issues and brings solutions. Sandplay is for everyone. Children love it and adults marvel at it.”~ Marg Garvan,Sandplay AustraliaPlay Therapy Outlet has a wide variety of Sand Trays, and many people associate sand trays with children only. However, this type of Therapy […]

Sandtray Miniature

Sand Tray Miniatures are an important part of Sand Play Therapy. The “Art” in the Sand Tray s what makes up everything that is in the World, Everything that has been, everything that can be. Although this list is quite extensive of what to include within an Sand Tray, we can break this down in […]

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