Aspen Wooded Sand Tray with Lid

Introducing the Aspen Wooden Sand Tray with Lid. The most traditional Wooden Sand Tray for Miniatures is one of Play Therapy Outlets most popular sellers. It’s traditional lightweight soft Aspen has a bright white finish for superior durability and a wonderful texture for years of Play Therapy use. Originally when Play Therapy Outlet started building Sand Trays we used White Pine for exterior construction. Although our pricing was much lower then our competitors we had some issues with the heavy weight of the Sand Trays in shipping and the extra costs they added to shipping. So we went back to the drawling board and worked with an Amish Manufacture who also builds drawer boxes for a one of the largest RV Manufactures in the World. With where we are located in Indiana, this Amish builder was up the road from us.
With the help of our Amish Builder, we landed upon a Aspen. We immediately choose the wood as it is widely used in higher end construction of drawer boxes for RV Coaches and its ease of use to cut and sand make it a favorite with the Craftsmen.
By using high quality wood materials, we were able to ensure that high quality machinery was used as well on these Sand trays. In the beginning we used a several hundred dollar chop saw from Lowe’s which proved adequate, but once we started seeing how well the ends fit together using the Amish Craftsmen saws that were well over several thousand dollars, the ends and joints just seem to fit a lot better each time for us and that’s the quality we want to provide to the end users of our products.
Traditionally when it came to the finish of the Wooden Sand Trays we wanted a finish that was on par with the high quality wood. We also needed to be able to make them water resistant for the use of Wet Sand Play which is very important to Child Therapist.We have been able to use a wood dye on some of the wooden sand trays which really gives them a unique look that off sets the various wood grains within the inside of the Sand Tray.We were able to choose a sky blue that captures the look of water and sky and the name is called Infinity Pool. We liked that name and choose that as our paint method for the inside of the Wooden Sand Tray.
The Dimensions of the Wooden Sand Tray is following Dora Kalff dimensions and they are 19.5 x 28.5 x 2.75 inches. We also added a lid for Therapist as we understand not only does this complete the function of the Sand Tray being able to be transported and when not in use to cover up the sand and miniatures inside of them to give a clean look for our Wooden Sand Tray with Lid.
With all our standard Wooden Sand Trays with Lids, we have an additional folding stand that allows Therapist to have these Sand Trays free standing. When not in use the Therapist can simply fold up the Stand and tuck it away as not to take up too much space, as we know many busy Therapists offices are utilizing all of their spaces and need to be able to condense these units as quickly as possible.
The Aspen Wooden Sand Tray is lightweight but sturdy. We have failure tested these units taking boxes of 25 pound sand boxes of Sandtastik and toss them up in the air and let them land inside the Sand Tray many times to ensure these Sand Trays will hold up to many years of abuse. We also failure test the joints and use the strongest wood glue on the planet Gorilla Wood Glue to be sure that maximum hold is ensured on the joints for obvious reasons.
The finish is them completed with a 90 sheen lacquer that not only gives the Sand Tray a slick surface for Sandplay , but also ensure many durable sandings that will allow for children

to build and engineer many voids and hills and other sand related play within the box without issues.

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