Associative Play using Hidden Rules with Friends Game.

Using Hidden Rules with friends Card Game, a child can grow and interact by learning to share with others among many other valuable skills that teach children how to interact with others.

Child Therapist can teach children associative play, by building things together such as building blocks , riding bikes also allows children to do the same activity without having a specific plan. Art Therapy, such as: drawling, painting, or creating things through play doh, or using baking clay, or simply writing with chalk on a sidewalk, all of these activities can be extremely valuable in providing outlets for children to learn and explore all while leaning how to associate with others such as their peers, teachers, parents, and or caretakers.

Art Therapy allows children to work side by side many times while creating art. Children are working with each other nut not to coordinate or create a plan of action, or planning an activity through thought and planning.

This side by side activity allows each individual to learn, create, and explore their own behaviors while working side by side other peers.

To help children facilitate associative play, board games can also be an effective tool as well. Play Therapy Outlet has many board games that address this area of associate play, but one that really stands out is called HIDDEN RULES WITH FRIENDS GAME. This wonderfully illustrated board game contains cards that teach children how to solve problems, work together as a team to solve problems, helps children grow confidence within a associate play type setting. This board game, also teaches children to learn how to negotiate with others, allows children to create problem solving solutions and creates opportunities to learn how to speak for themselves.

During these preoperative stages of play, children establish different types of play, one such example is called Games With Rules, or Hidden Rules with Friends, this game illustrates how children can learn social skills. Examples of games with rules are playing sports, team sports require specific rules that must be followed and these rules create cooperation and teamwork. Sports also help children understand limits, they learn the control their behavior, and this allows the child to understand the importance of boundaries.

Healthy Relationship Bingo is an excellent game the reinforce boundaries and how to apply them to everyday social interactions. In addition to Games with Rules, Another form of play called Functional Play is an important aspect of associate play. Functional Play examples are: play involving a rolling ball, pushing a car, feeding a doll, or many other areas of creating function while playing. This powerful type of play illustrates how learning involves the importance of learning the importance of physical characteristics of objects. This form of play heightens curiosity and motivates children to gain more understanding about the world around them.

Another example of associate play is called constructive play. This play is evident when children create things in their environment such as building towers with blocks and playing in therapy sand, or drawling on sidewalks with chalk. Also, by creating art with crayons, paper or finger paints using scissors to cut shapes and figures out of construction paper and using glue to secure different pieces together, play doh is another excellent example that allows children to create things in their environment. Using art materials gives children fine motor skills as well, that will assist them in many other areas of life, these areas facilitate the use of imagination and further prepares children for the next stage of development.

As associate play applies to Sand Tray Play, this building in the sand creates abstract thinking that allows objects to represent certain things in their world. A sand an water table is another excellent example that promotes open ended play. These examples provide children with the freedom to construct things that will help children to understand their world and how to process information.

Another area of associate play is dramatic or pretend play. By allowing to foster the love of pretending to play, children develop their imagination process more deeply as they learn to cultivate by creating and thinking about things outside of their previous thinking and this stretches and grows their imagination.

Children grow their vocabularies by talking to each other, listening and asking questions, and also by using word development in conversations. Children will expand their attention spans while they play imaginatively they will also use their ability to self regulate, they will also learn to organize, sort and plan better through the implementation of imagination.

Products that help reinforce this area are many pretend play items, costumes that allow children to dress up and act certain roles, such as a super hero or a princess. Also a magic wand or tiara, or a police officer badge, also felt sandwich sets are just a few great examples of products that help expand pretend play and the imagination.

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