A counselor as by definition is a person trained to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems. So what does it mean to be considered a counselor?  Counselors are trained professional that can help solve your personal problems. Psychotherapists help children, teens and adults resolves issues and Professional counsellors and psychotherapists help individuals explore and […]


Facts related to child psychology Mental health is the most crucial and an issue that generates a significant amount of coverage and discussion. It is something that should be discussed and more often publicize so that more people would acknowledge it, not adults or teens but children also need to understand its importance and their […]

Storytelling and Play Therapy

The other day I was listening to Neil Patel,a sought after Digital Marketing influencer and one of his large secrets to success in ranking websites is this thing called content marketing. I’m use to hearing this, as this is a tried and true method, one we are going to use quite extensively here at Play […]

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy-In recent times, various therapies had been evolved in order to help people overcome their past traumatic incidents one such therapy is sand tray therapy, this therapy is considered to be one of the most powerful therapy as it involves various phases.This therapy was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld, Dora Kalff, Goesta Harding, Charlotte […]

Sensory Sand

World of wonder by the shore I can close the front door of my house on the Dingle Peninsula and be on my nearest beach within five minutes. Fewer if I walk quickly. It is not the longest stretch of sand and, depending on the tides and time of year, it can sometimes be covered […]

Child care challenges mount as back-to-school plans include remote learning

Student Masks. (Photo: Provided photo.) As school officials chalk up plans for students to learn off-site, in schools or both this fall, child care providers in Greater Cincinnati are working to create more safe spaces and care scenarios for kids.  And they’re doing it under pressure. School plans are iffy, so solutions must be fluid. Care centers are […]

Sensory Sacks a friend to autistic children when needed most

Imagine the sensory overload for an autistic child traveling by ambulance to emergency care, especially when the shrill of sirens sound for safe passage through traffic. Erik Davidson, a paramedic with Northfield EMS, and his wife Jo-Ann, a special education teacher, have learned that alarms, such as the sound for school fire drills, are unsettling […]

Ask the doctor: Is play therapy essential for my special needs child?

Health By Beldeen Waliaula During occupational therapy, doctors check if their cognitive aspects have been affected or if they have low intelligence (Photo: Shutterstock) At what point does a child with special needs need to see an occupational therapist? ALSO READ: Raising a special needs daughter through puberty As early as possible. Early intervention brings […]

Play Therapy Can Help Kids Speak the Unspeakable

Dee Ray doesn’t learn how children feel by listening to their words. Ray, a researcher and counselor in Texas, learns by watching them play. She directs the Center for Play Therapy at the University of North Texas and often works in schools, where she sections off a 10 feet by 10 feet area in a […]

Play Therapy Themes

Play therapists choose themes for Play Therapy, and it’s according to themes that we discuss in depth. These Play Therapy Themes give your child a wide variety of of toy choices to be able to express what they need. Through Play you will also start to notice different play themes coming out in your child’s […]

What is Play Therapy?

For the past century or so Play Therapy has been a pivotal therapeutic invtervention in Child Therapy. I have covered many aspects of sandtray, the use of sandtray miniatures and how they are effective. Today we are going to talk more directly about how it relates to Play Therapy and why Child Therapist use sandtrays […]

Therapy Games

Therapy Games are an essential aspect of Play Therapy. Play Therapy toys such as this Talking Feeling Doing Board Game by  Richard A. Gardner, M.D is one of the most popular play therapy board games on the market. Here at Play Therapy Outlet we have several variations of this popular series from the board game […]

Sand Tray

The World in the Sand Tray or the World the client creates is a very powerful and healing area that is created in sand play. So what do those sandtray miniatures mean that we use in sandtray therapy? And how do they interact with the clients they serve to convey a message? How are these […]

Sand Tray Table on Wheels

This Sand Tray Table on Wheels comes to you by popular demand. We take great pride and care in our wooden sand trays, and it was by popular demand we put our fabulous sand trays on wheel for those Play Therapists that have a need for mobile Play! Our Sand Tray Table on Wheels comes […]

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