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Mental health is the most crucial and an issue that generates a significant amount of coverage and discussion. It is something that should be discussed and more often publicize so that more people would acknowledge it, not adults or teens but children also need to understand its importance and their parents should make sure to discuss more about things such as how they feel or if they need any sort of help related to their anger issues, anxiety problems, fears or any phobia etc.

As per reports about 10-20% of children and adolescents experience mental disorders. If untreated, these conditions can become severe and influence children’s development, their educational attainments and their potential to live fulfilling and productive lives.

Children with mental disorders face major challenges with stigma, isolation and discrimination, as well as lack of access to health care and education facilities makes it even more worse.

Children suffers the most when compared to adults or teens , as its very difficult for them also to understand that they are going through a problem and it needs to be solved by mental health professionals. The parents must look after the mental state of their children’s as they are the one who can definitely identify that their children s need some help.

Parents should deal such situation with calm and patience as research has consistently found that parenting children with mental health disorders is psychologically distressing.

Parents often described how difficult it is to cope when children are mentally ill and their behaviors are unpredictable, parents have little or no control over the symptoms or severity of the condition of their children but they could definitely help them by providing medical care at the right time so that they can happily enjoy their childhood.

As the saying “ when we are old and failing, it is the memories of childhood which can be summoned most clearly”- Dan Simmons
child psychology
Child psychology is one of the many branches of psychology and it is considered to be one of the most frequently studied specialty areas. This particular branch focuses on the mind and behavior of children. Child psychology deals not only with how children grow physically, but with their mental, emotional and social development as well.

Child psychology is considered to be a study related to various stages of a human life include adolescence, adult development, aging, and the entire lifespan. This field examines change across three major stages, physical development, cognitive development, and social emotional development. Apart from these stages it includes motor skills, executive functions, moral understanding, language acquisition, social change, personality, emotional development, self-concept, and identity formation.

Child psychology involves how does a child interacts with their parents, themselves, and the world, these things helps to understand their mental development, such things cannot be explained they could be just observed thoroughly.
According to research its found that in some cases the change in behavior is carried from the childhood to the adolescence and so on through out the life, there are many types of disorders like oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), conduct disorder (CD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).Child psychology is a very delicate issue to study but an essential one as the entire life can be dependent on this one topic.
Child psychology is a very broad branch of study as it includes:

Physical Development
Children grow at a rapid pace between birth till maturity, Physical development involves developing control over the body, particularly muscles and physical coordination. Most of the physical development takes place during the childhood it’s a crucial time for neurological brain development and for body coordination such as it encourages specific activities like grasping, writing, crawling, sitting and walking. During this phase they gain self confidence that helps promoting social and emotional development.
Emotional Development
Social Emotional Development is an essential part of child development, it promotes development of expressions, understanding, and regulation of emotions from birth and changes continues throughout the childhood, adolescence and adulthood.

The involvement of emotional self-management mainly takes place during early childhood and occurs in the context of family and peer relationship which helps child develop expressions such as social emotional skills like empathy, cooperation and problem-solving techniques. Peer relationships have negative impacts as well for instance it can also lead development of bullying, exclusion and aberrant peer process.
During middle and late childhood, stable self-concepts based on the child’s typical emotional experiences emerge. With the increased capacity for self-reflection, children gain an understanding of their self-conscious emotions.
Parents must look up to their children as they are considered to be “Childs first Teacher”, children learn most of the things from their home therefore parents should make sure that the child is developing and any changes in their behavior should be noticed so that if they need any help a child psychologist can be consulted at the right time to make sure child could enjoy its childhood peacefully.
Intellectual Development

Intellectual or cognitive development means a phase where the child begins to think logically understands it, even try to reason things. It’s about how they organize their minds, ideas and thoughts to make sense of the world they live in and for what purpose things are happening around them.

It is very important for parents and caregivers to understand their child’s current intellectual stage so they can offer activities to support their child’s cognitive or intellectual growth and also should ensure that whether their children need any help this can be done by Including them in discussions about a variety of topics, issues and current events, encourage them to share ideas and thoughts so that there current intellectual thinking could be understand properly.
A child psychologist is a person who studies normal and abnormal mental states, perceptual state, cognitive state, emotional state and social condition children’s. They studies behavior of children by experimenting, observing, interpreting and recording various events to know what children relate to one another and to their environments.

Child Psychologists assess, diagnose and treat children who might have minute or severe mental, emotional or social disorders. Child Psychologists involves various processes in order to understand the root cause of Child’s problem and then they apply several therapies to cure the disorder.

Few factors that shows child need some help:

If child is not be able to concentrate on certain things such as studying due to some ongoing negative effect ,parents must notice if their children’s performance is continuously decreasing.

Though the child is at that age where it could easily tell or express its feeling still there is difficulty in expressing then there might be something that needs to be observed carefully.

The child suddenly becomes more violent due to bullying or some incident that might had effected its mental state.
If the child has stomach aches or headaches that are not due to underlying disease then it can be anxiety problem.

Emotional disorders frequent crying, sadness, anger, irritability, agitation, or not engaging in previously enjoyable activities this may also signal there are mental health issues that a psychologist could help with.

If the child is not be able to cope up with the past incident such as parental divorce, relocation or death of a loved one, In this case the child becomes hesitant and not be able to adjust with surrounding.

To overcome such things a child psychologist is needed so that they can help the child overcome their past traumatic stress and live a peaceful happy life.

In recent times people are actually believing that it’s best for their children to get help from specialized professional rather than just letting it go and thinking that they will overcome from the disorders from their own with passing time.

A specialized professional such as child psychologist understands main problem of children and then work according to that, they plan everything such as how many sessions of therapy is required for a specific disorder, it can be based on whether it’s a minute or a severe disorder.

They make sure that their sessions include playing or anything related to music so that it soothes the mind of child and they would feel comfortable with them, one such therapy is sand play therapy which includes various elements for instance its main element is sand, with the use of sand the children could make something that resembles their personality it has miniature toys and sometimes water.

Child psychologist may include therapies that will assist a child to learn how to self-express in socially appropriate ways, engage in socially constructive actions (such as helping, caring and sharing with others) and helps in develop a healthy sense of self consciousness.

One of most common therapies is sound therapy also referred to as music therapy this therapy encourages children and provides them a creative way to move through trauma or any past negative incident.

This popular and longstanding psychology practice uses the physical, emotional, mental, aesthetic and spiritual facets of music to help children improve their overall health.

Child psychologist works on various aspects so that they could help children and even their parents they observe various facts such as the behavior of child towards parents, they do so because it shows their mental state if they are in happy state then they must reply their parents with esteem but if they are anxious or depressed they might not answer their parents properly such aspects has to be analyzed by a well trained specialist.

A child psychologist has to be a person who is more patient when dealing with children as they need special care they should be like friend and should listen carefully what the child needs to convey they have to be a good listener as well, nowadays well qualified professionals hold position of child psychologist in order to help children and make their childhood peaceful.

There are various therapies which are meant to be used differently as per child’s situation for instance if a child is hesitant to speak in front anyone such as their relatives, friends or may be schools mates then this problem can be cured by Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) its basically a type of talk therapy that can help people of all ages, including younger children and teens.

CBT focuses on how thoughts and emotions affect behavior. The child doesn’t need to have a diagnosed mental health condition to benefit from CBT.

The other therapy which is quite common nowadays is Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), in this therapy the child psychologist may ask the parents to have a joint therapy with their children’s that helps to improve the parent-child relationship through interaction and communication.

In this type of therapy child-directed interaction can help facilitate the development of effective parenting techniques and reductions in behavior issues it may also lead to a stronger familial relationship. As there is a saying that “Parents are the ultimate role models for children, Every word, movement and action has an effect, No other person or outside force has a greater influence on child than the parent”-Bob keeshan.

In this therapy parents have the opportunity to learn new skills that can help them in future to become a better person so that they are able to provide a caring, nurturing, and beneficial environment to their child.

The child psychologist should be more promoted so that each one can know about them and can understand the fact they are very important and have to be consulted if there child is suffering from any disorder therefore most of the magazines, newspaper provides a separate article about child mental health and why specialized professionals are necessary if there child is suffering from any disorder.

Mental illness or any disorder should not be considered as a taboo it is also just like a disease that can be cured with the help of well qualified professionals, many people still do think that if they take their child to a psychologist then people might think that their child as mentally ill such things should be changed as the psychologist are merely person who are there to help children in any way possible so that they can live a happy life.

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