What is Play Therapy?

For the past century or so Play Therapy has been a pivotal therapeutic invtervention in Child Therapy. I have covered many aspects of sandtray, the use of sandtray miniatures and how they are effective.

Today we are going to talk more directly about how it relates to Play Therapy and why Child Therapist use sandtrays in play therapy.

Play therapy effectiveness examples include but not limited to:

  • Play therapy can ameliorate the effects of trauma and loss.
  • Reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Improve children’s behavior.
  •  Help children manage social and academic difficulties.
  • Strengthening family relationships.

A Guide showing how Play Therapy is an effective tool for Play Therapy.

Pretty amazing right? These results in Play Therapy remind me of how floor games started over 100 years ago has become a very popular method to work as a healing agent in PLAY THERAPY.

Sandtray therapy will become more pivotal in child therapy, as well as adult therapy now and in the future as social issues become more complex and varied.

Currently there are over 30 million of whom sought psychotherapy, according to a Harris poll done a few years ago!

If you are interested in the Play Therapy business, I put together a comprehensive package of resources that will help you get started or gain more information about this growing field.

  1. What is Play Therapy?
  2. How to find and select the best sandtrays for your practice.
  3. Why Sandtray Miniatures are vital and how to select the right ones.
  4. How to become a Play Therapist and what credentials you need to get started.
  5. How to build a Play Therapy practice.
  6. What’s in a Play Room?
  7. How to build your client list using different marketing methods.

What is Play Therapy ?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Play Therapy or how to get started marketing a Play Therapy business it’s very similar to any other business model except that using ecommerce and new methods prove very effective in promoting a Play Therapy business.

Play Therapy has very key components to how we interact with our clients, and drive dramatic results using effective strategies that will help them for life.

You as a Play Therapist are not simply selling a single product or something they are going to use one maybe twice.

Play Therapist have the ultimate business model to help others.

In recent years a growing number of noted mental health professionals have observed that play is as important to human happiness and well-being as love and work (Schaefer, 1993)

Therapist use play to help children and adults learn to self express and convey what is troubling them.

What is a Sandtray and how is it used in Play Therapy?

Sandtrays orginated from a H.B. Wells in which he observed his children play on the floor with various toys or what not is termed sandtray miniatures.

Sandtrays drastically moved Play Therapy or more specifically Child Therapy into a new dimension of Play and changed Therapy forever.

Here are just some of the benefits to sandtray therapy:

Sandtray can represent all the different parts of self and the client’s world.

Sandtray miniatures have allow the child in Play Therapy to have a voice and begin to interact, a powerful healing dialogue occurs.

Sandtrays help clients gain control and mastery over internal and external conflicts.

In this post, I will show you exactly how Play Therapy strategies are used effectively in Play Therapy.

Adding Sandtray miniatures to your Play Therapy Sandtray.

First off, Sandtray Miniatures are the actors in the sandtray.

If you go to Play Therapy Outlet you’ll notice a very unique selection of sandtray miniatures.

Whenever a child selects a sandtray miniature they are telling a story in Sand Play.

I have compiled a comprehensive list of the meanings of sandtray miniatures and how they interact with the world of sand play.

As soon as a child or adult interacts with a sandtray miniature they identify with that miniature as something within their own world and how it speaks to them and others in the external world.

By having a wide variety of sandtray miniatures, children are able to express what may be going on more accurately and this reduces any guess work withing the sandtray.

How to become a Play Therapist and what credentials you need to get started.

As you can see from this info graphic explaining how to become a Play Therapist there are many steps involved in obtaining a license to practice play therapy.

It looks like Step one is to Join your local APT!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with what APT is, APT is called the association for play therapy, and they have one in each state.

Gaining education and a degree is one of the first steps in obtaining a license to practice Play Therapy.

A Masters degree or higher is required plus course specific requirements in child therapy.

One needs two years of clinical experience, and 2,000 hours of mental health experience.

A play therapist needs as 500 hours of play therapy experience and 150 hours of play therapy specific instruction.

How to build a Play Therapy practice?

Play Therapy practices required for a successful play therapy practice.

Unlike talk therapy with adults where all you really need is two chairs and a room, with play therapy you must have toys (sandtray miniatures) and therapy supplies ample for children to express and explore, and experience through their play. 

What’s in a Play Room for Play Therapy?

The basics or a Play Room are

Life Representations

  • Dolls and Dollhouses
  • Play kitchens and play food
  • Cash Registers and Play Money
  • Doctor kits and band-aids
  • Animals, Cars, Trucks, People

Self Expression /Art

  • Paint
  • Art supplies
  • Dress Up
  • Play-doh
  • Puppets Finger Puppets

Aggression Play

  • Foam Swords
  • Toy guns 
  • Rubber knives
  • Soldiers
  • Rope
  • Aggressive sandtray miniatures or figures (alligators, sharks, dinosaur, alligator, etc

And the backbone of Play Therapy is the sand tray, and we can provide many different designs and colors 🙂

Don’t forget Sand for Sandplay! We stock sensory sand from Sandtastik.

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