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Play Therapy Outlet has a wide assortment of Guidance Games, many are classics as well as several new additions. Why not check out Play Therapy Outlets New products.
One of the favorites that we sell is a great product created by Lawrence E. Shapiro Ph.D. a World renowned Child Therapist that made the Card Decks called Hidden Rules. These Card decks contain 40 hidden rules cards. Great for Children on the Autism Spectrum, these interactive card decks are geared for 2-8 players ages 6-12.
These cards are great of individuals that lack social understanding of social situations. These Hidden Rules card describe rules and social behaviors that give players fun ways to learn these teaching techniques.
Among other very popular Guidance Games is games created by Dr. Lawrence Shapiro are games under the header of Dr. Playwell. There are Card Games as mentioned above and several board games. These Board Games are for Anger Control, Teaching Good Behavior, Caring About Others,Communicating Feelings, Controlling Anger, Coping with Stress, learning Self Control, Teaching Positive Thinking skills,and skills to lessen worry.
Guidance Games also has a wide variety of Emotion Oriented Posters such as: Trauma Reaction Cards, The very popular classic Talking Feeling Doing Games, Emotion Bingo games, workbooks that cover a wide assortment of Child Therapy discussions.
In addition to some of the Classics like Dr. Playwell’s products are the ever popular games titled Stop, Relax and Think series of Board Games that teaches impulse control and relaxation techniques,and how to problem solve. The Stop, Relax, & Think Card Game where players learn patience and cooperating with others, which is designed for impulsive and inattentive children. Stop, Relax & Think series also has board games, that helps children to learn cognitive , physical, and emotional skills to apply various behavior according to the social situation.
Guidance Group also has a wide range of Books catered to Child Therapy. For example 101 Bully Prevention Activities highlights strategies for handling teasing, taunting, and gossiping. This book contains group activities, role playing games. Also, the wonderfully illustrated 101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills Book, is designed to help children develop social skills. Topics that are included are: expressing your feelings, communicating, caring about yourself , communicating and , problem solving and much more.
Guidance Group also has a number of very fun Game Balls that you blow up with air and allow the students to interact with the group through Play. These Game Balls teach various topics which include Bulling, Building Teamwork, Teaching Resiliency, Respecting Boundaries, Building Character and many more themes. In fact we as humans have used Ball Toss as one of the earliest forms of play. Such games were vital to learning accuracy and speed which were vital to primitive man used for defense and hunting. An Author John Fox wrote a Book entitled, The Ball: Discovering the Object of the Game in which John explains why we play ball. The numerous benefits of playing ball has dramatic effects on us as humans and should be a very important form on play in Child Therapy.

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