Play Therapy Themes

Play therapists choose themes for Play Therapy, and it’s according to themes that we discuss in depth.

These Play Therapy Themes give your child a wide variety of of toy choices to be able to express what they need.

Through Play you will also start to notice different play themes coming out in your child’s play. Look for one of these:

Power and Aggression Themes

Good Guy vs. Bad Guy

“Good guy” versus “bad guy” play is a natural part of your moral and social growth. It’s common for dramatic play to center around themes such as: friends and enemies, power and vulnerability, and of good and bad.

Generalized Aggression

It can be hard to understand aggressive play: things fighting, playing with toy guns, teasing, pretend fighting, playing superheros, horsing around, and playing or acting out battles for power and dominance.


Grief Kits, and other grieving related play therapy themes children cope with illness, death, and grief. It explains that therapeutic play facilitates expression, coping, and mastery, and addresses the child’s need to express feelings, solve problems, and work through or resolve conflicts or distress.

Power Overcoming Weakness

Children in Play Therapy learn to overcome topics such as :Low self-esteem,  Grieving the loss in the family, childhood sexual abuse, divorce, or eating disorders

Seeking Power/Authority/Wisdom

Power is a child’s ability to exert influence and control. Power affects all aspects of social life, from the classroom to the home. Power is not inherently negative. For e, the ability of a parent to influence their toddler’s actions can help keep them out of harm’s way. But if a person abuses their power, it has the capacity to do great harm.

Family Relationship


Sandtray Miniatures to support play therapists helping children through divorce and separation.

Nurturing Others

By teaching children in play therapy

to nurture others by using baby dolls or other supporting play therapy objects to implement care and helping those around them.


Using Sandtray Miniatures that reflect the family dynamic such as family counters, or other miniatures that create a parent/caregiver figure in sandtray play.

Exits and Entrances to Family System Our Symbolic items sandtray miniature kit has many sandtray miniatures that convey entrances and exits and these miniatures can be used in Play Therapy

Control and Safety Themes


Childhood traumatic stress occurs when violent or dangerous events overwhelm a child’s or adolescent’s ability to cope.

Traumatic events may include:

  • Neglect and psychological, physical, or sexual abuse
  • Natural disasters, terrorism, and community and school violence
  • Witnessing abuse with a parent of sibling or themselves.
  • Serious accidents, or medical conditions or a loss of a loved one.
  • Military family-related stressors when a parent is absent due to service.


Like the rescue buoy shown above, so to does sandtray miniatures that represent rescue such as the rescue buoy, protecting figures such as police men, firefighters etc.


Superheroes have a profound influence on American culture. Escaping to the imaginary worlds of our superheroes seemingly has therapeutic powers.


In Play Therapy, trauma from a fire or natural disasters such as a tornado can be very traumatic and helping children through those situations can be very healing using Play Therapy Sandtray miniatures.

Burying or Drowning

Using Sensory sand from Sandastisk is very healing for burying things in the sandtray. Or drowning in pools or voids in the sand.


Child Life Specialists assist children facing hospital procedures. These specialists are very skilled in helping children and their families navigate very difficult times.


Fixing or repairing in Play Therapy has many products available such as the Learning Resources New Sprouts Fix It, or a  New Sprouts Cure It! Play Therapy kit helps healing through fixing, or repairing.


Cleaning is a form of Play Therapy that has many supporting Play Therapy related items such as brooms, or mops, or sweeper sandtray miniatures.


Sorting is a task that can teach many valuable skills, particularity money and sorting or counting change while using a cash register.


Protecting has a wide array of therapy related products that can serve as a protecting figure such as: An eagle, or mother and cub sandtray miniature.

Exploration and Mastery Themes

Sensory/Environment Exploration

Sensory is quickly becoming a very popular group of products within our Play Therapy selection. We have many sensory related products that cater to those with sensory challenges.


Board Games are a terrific selection on honing on skills that teach and develop mastery and competence as well as adding fun to the mix.


Art supplies and even sandtastik has many products that dive into the creative aspect of healing through art.

Interaction Themes

Building Relationship With Adult

Building interactions with children as well as adults is very a important life skill. Using products from Play Therapy Outlet such as a board game that allows children to interact with adults in a fun and playful manner.

There much to learn when it comes to play therapy themes. This could be the beginning of a whole new world.

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