Play Therapy Kits

We have combined out best selling products throughout Play Therapy Outlet, and created Play Therapy Kits for your busy Play Therapy practices to be able to have portable play therapy kits on the go from session to session with clients. Our unique selection of Educational Toys, using Sand Tray Theory to best address the current needs of Play Therapist and combined them into our kits.

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Our Board Games from Guidance Group along with Learning Resources and many other Play Therapy Related vendors will give your Therapy Practice an edge in Sand Play. We have selected many different Board Games for Child Therapist in areas from Anxiety and Stress Management, to Teen Counseling, pediatric therapy, using Therapy Toys combined with Card decks that challenge the child to use their imaginations and develop social skills to work and play and to develop social skills function as a productive member of society.
Our Board Games will allow for families to engage in Family Counseling sessions by using our selection of board games to interact more freely with the therapist and other family members creating a world in which play is the catalyst for healing.
Our specifically tailored board games that are used for associative play, help guide development of play by preschoolers. During this first stage where social interaction is key in children’s development, and using play as they engage in a mutual activity with our games can help facilitate this development.