This wonderfully illustrated card game helps children understand their own feelings as well as the feelings of others. This card game is especially helpful for children who tend to misread social cues, including those who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, suffer from social anxiety, or are at any other position on the Autism Spectrum.

Cards in this game help players to link specific situations and thoughts with emotion and feelings. Feelings are the most basic building blocks of social skills. This board game attaches the ability to recognize feelings in themselves and others. Children with behavioral disorders may be less able to master social interactions.

Although some children are naturally better at recognizing feelings than others, many children can improve their skills in these areas. This card game is a fun matching game, the feeling cards have only one feeling word on it, such as frustrated, happy or scared. Players then try to match these cards with the Feeling Talk Cards, which have examples of cognitive talk that reflect that feeling.

This card game contains two decks of Feeling Talk Cards and two decks of Feeling Cards.The blue and red cards are for younger players, around grades 1 to 3, and the purple and orange cards are for older players, generally grades 4 to 6. The very cool Bonus Cards ask the players to comment on the examples in the Feeling Talk cards, a wonderful bonus of cards in the game.

These bonus cards may ask the player to describe what may happen next if the person puts that particular feeling into action or to give an example when the player had that feeling. In addition to the two sets of cards, facilitators can vary the degree of challenge of the game by using Bonus Cards, putting out more cards to match, and replacing cards as they are matched and withdrawn from the table. Playing Time: Flexible from 20 minutes, 45 minutes Players: 2 to 4

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