Life Management Skills II


The Life Management Skills series have 50 or more reproducible activity-based handouts covering a variety of life skills topics. Life Management Skills II contains Activity handouts that can be used for groups or individual sessions. The opposite side of the guide has two suggested activities for each handout.
This life management skills book is a fun and informative book designed for specific-well defined purposes
Handouts are adaptable and have a broad usage enabling you to focus on specific goals with a specified population
Topics : Anger management , Activities of daily living, verbal and nonverbal communication and much more!
Includes 9 blank cards and 63 cards.
Life Management Skills Book II
Written by Estelle A. Leutenberg, Kathy L. Korb-Khalsa, OTR/L; ; and Stacey D. Azok, OTR/L. This book is filled with innovative, informative fun reproducible activity handouts and is designed in a logical manner, organized for specific well-defined purposes, and is activity-based allowing for extensive client involvement. The handouts are adaptable and have a broad usage for teachers, social workers, enabling therapists, life coaches,school counselors, medical professionals, teachers, psychologists, and other professionals to focus on specific goals with their specified population. Topics included in this book include anger management, : verbal and nonverbal,communication, coping skills, stress, management, parenting, steps to recovery, grief/and loss, and much more. 104 pages, this book is spiral-bound.

Life Management Skills Cards II
Topics: Activities of Daily Living Anger Management, Assertion,Communication: Verbal, Communication, Coping Skills, Grief/Loss, Humor, Life Balance, Money Management, Parenting, Reminiscence, Safety, Self-Esteem, Recovery, Stress Management, Support Systems, and Time Management. 63 Cards plus 9 blanks in each deck.

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