A Helping Hand Card Game


These bright and wonderfully illustrated cards are geared for Ages: 10 to Adults! Authored by Ann Chapleau, MS, OTR. This card game is an interactive game addressing positive lifestyle, self-esteem,relationships and coping skills. A Helping Hand provides children in play therapy with opportunities to both identify personal growth needs and ask for supportive feedback/advice from the therapist or group members, while staying focused on essential life skills. Participants take turns requesting and offering feedback in four areas: positive lifestyle ,Self-Esteem, relationships,  Coping Skills. These Cards are color-coded by category. Each category has 11 cards plus one blank, to write in your own, allowing you to meet the needs of each therapy group and provide engaging variations each time you play. 3-1/2″ x 4 “, 6-12 players. Sample Questions: Note: All cards begin with “Can someone give me a hand with…” Can someone give me a hand with how to cope with my fear of __________? Can someone give me a hand with dealing with my anger toward __________? Can someone give me a hand with organizing my time? Can someone give me a hand with finding ways to take better care of myself? Contents: 11 Blue Self-Esteem Cards (plus one blank) 11 Yellow Positive Lifestyle Cards (plus one blank) 11 Green Coping Skills Cards (plus one blank) 11 Magenta Relationships Cards (plus one blank) Instructions

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