Addictions Set 6 different miniatures.


  • Set of miniatures to symbolize seven different addictions
  • An important addition to any sand tray miniature collection
  • All items are hand picked by Dr. Gary Yorke and are optimized to provide the best value for beginning therapists and seasoned professionals

This kit contains items to symbolize many different addictions. These items are intended for the sand tray and are not toys.

Kit includes:

-Fake pills (3) in medicine bottle, Bottle measures 1.5 inches tall

-Fake needle, measures 6.5 inches long

-Plastic marijuana leaves, 3.25 inches by 3 inches (2)

-Slot Machine measuring 3.25 inches tall and 2.5 inches tall

-Playing Cards measuring about 1.5 inches

-Set of six dice2 5 to .4 inches (color and size varies)

-Beer Cans, set of 6 each measuring 1 inch tall

-Cigarettes with ash tray set of 2 measuring 3.25 inches long

-Liquor Bottles, set of 3, 2.5 inches tall

Items in the pictures are not to scale. Please reference the measurements listed.If items become available we will substitute an item of greater value but alike.

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