Bridge Over Worried Waters Board Game


Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health problems during childhood and adolescence.Anxiety affects normal day-to-day activities and causes considerable emotional and physical distress as well as impaired academic and social functioning. Bridge Over Worried Waters is designed to support treatment of anxiety disorders in children ages 6-13 years old.The game incorporates relaxation, positive self-talk, and other coping behaviors into a game format. To start the game, players place a Worried Waters raging river sheet in front of them. Then they choose a Problem card that describes an anxiety-producing situation.Players then decide on an appropriate Solution card to use as a positive strategy to address the anxiety in the situation.Solution cards include: Self-Talk Cards, Relaxation Cards, Coping Cards. When the situation has been successfully solved with one of the Solution cards, the player then tosses the Problem card into the Worried Waters, and the Solution card is used to create the foundation or top of a bridge. The object of the game is to build a bridge that carries the player across the Worried Waters to the safety of the other bank by successfully using the techniques they have learned in the Solution cards.Players actually build a bridge using the two types of Solution cards (see above) for supports and the bridge roadway.The support cards stay upright using stands provided with the game. There are both competitive and cooperative versions for 2-5 players.In the competitive version, players will each separately construct a bridge with 5-7 cards.In the cooperative version, players all help one another build one bridge that may be more than one level high

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