Copper Folding Stand for Sand Tray


Introducing the Copper Folding Sand Tray Stand. Built with the same Amish handcrafted quality as our sand tray line, we have our valued customers want these after the purchase of a sand tray. So we have provided these as an additional option when you want to upgrade to a sand tray with a stand.

This beautifully finished  Copper folding sand tray stand has our copper finish over our premium Baltic birch wood that has been hand selected with clear wood meaning no knots that would weaken the structure. Our premium wood, is fastened with a well engineered design that allows it to fit snugly under the lip of our sand tray holding it in place during use.

The Hand Crafted Wooden folding sand tray stand is finished with a shinny finish to match our sand trays.

Surprisingly quite light despite it’s superior construction.


Amish Handcrafted Sand Trays for Play Therapy.

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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 15 × 6 in