Crossing the Bridge Book


  • An interactive guide in self-discovery that uses a cognitive behavioral approach
  • Topics include: Gaining Insight into Self-Talk, Thoughts in the Present, Core Beliefs, Voices of the Past, Creating Leisure in Your Life, What Is the Quality of My Relationships?, How You See Yourself Reframing

  • Includes Crossing the Bridge Book

  • Ages 14 and up

Crossing the Bridge: A Journey in Self-Esteem, Relationships and Life Balance by Sandra Negley, MTRS, CTRS and illustrated by Amy Leutenberg Brodsky, LISW. This interactive guide in self-discovery uses a cognitive-behavioral approach for developing self-esteem, improving relationships, and achieving life balance. Warm and inviting, this book can be used in groups or with individuals. It is filled with meaningful but challenging exercises, 19 reproducible activity handouts, and 11 reproducible journalizing handouts. Sixty one-sided pages, spiral bound book.  Recommended for ages six and up. Explore relevant topics such as: Gaining Insight into Thoughts in the Present,  Self-Talk, Core Beliefs, Voices of the Past, Making time for leisure in ones life, What Is the Quality of My Relationships?,

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