Equipped for Life, Revised


This board game helps children and adolescents along with young adults think and act responsibly. This Equipped for Life Board game includes over one hundred situation cards for each of two levels, best suited grades 5-8 and grade 9 to young adult.  This board game would be a great addition to any Play Therapy type setting.
Topic areas include: community,daily living, education, relationships, school, group activities, substance abuse, employment, and after school activities.
Playing the game helps youth learn to think and act responsibly. As players move their tokens around the game board, they are asked to identify thinking errors and replace them with accurate thoughts and constructive action plans. In this way players not only see the negative effects of these thinking errors but also practice creating action plans that will result in self-management and consideration for other individuals and the community as a whole. Topic areas include: daily living, education, relationships, school, community, substance abuse, employment, and after school activities. The game includes over 100 situation cards for each of two levels, grades 5-8 and 9-young adult. Equipped for Life can be played with 2-6 players, or with teams. There are several specialty squares, such as Talent Show, where players name and demonstrate a talent, and Job Fair, where they explain why certain jobs interest them.
The four thinking errors are:
  • self-centered thinking
  • assuming the worst will happen and not working hard to avoid it
  • blaming others inappropriately
  • minimizing problems and mislabeling individuals, such as labeling a victim of bullying as a “loser” in order to justify condone the bullying

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