Expressionary!: A Guessing Game Using Words, Movement and Sketches


Expressionary Board Game for Play Therapy is best suited for Ages: 5-17. Authored by Amanda L. Gissel, M.A. Expressionary! is a colorful and bright game for children and teens and even adults to talk about their feelings – and what situations my be brought up in daily life and how to bring them up and the many different ways , and how feelings can be expressed. Whether through words or non-verbally, drawings through movement.  Expressionary! makes it easy and fun for players to express their thoughts and feelings. The object of the game is to have the highest number of tokens through correctly guessing other player’s expressions, and while being able to effectively communicate with other players. This board game is a must-have for every educator’s, therapist’s, play therapist, counselors or cane be used as family’s game collection! Four to twelve players.

Amish Handcrafted Sand Trays for Play Therapy.

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