Remote Control Anger Control Educational Game


The emotion of Anger can be an intense emotion that can range from mild to intense rage.  This card game teaches that while the emotion of anger is a normal human response to unfair treatment or goals that have been unmet, anger that is not controlled can become a major problem. Once anger is uncontrolled it becomes a problem and when it’s felt too intensely or too often, or anger is displayed inappropriately anger is a problem that needs to be treated through child therapy. This Remote Control Card Game teaches users how to control those angry feelings which is a vital part of developing coping skills for life, and creating healthy social and emotional development. This Remote Control Anger Game contains four card games that address three essential skills for controlling anger: these areas are Rewind, by Rewinding and learning from past mistakes, this game teaches the user how to use this coping skill to quell anger before it gets out of hand. Fast Forward is another coping skill learned within this board game, by focusing on thinking ahead to potential consequences of his or her actions. Another skill used in this game is called, Pause. Pause teaches the user that by identifying feelings and how to navigate those feelings to ensure a successful outcome to a precursor to anger. This game utilizes a remote control to engage learning and facilitate learning skills within the game. In this game are both cooperative exercises and competitive versions, this game is best suited for ages 7-14.  The game contains separate card decks, which during the game a player is read a brief case study from the angry behavior of real kids.  Players then practice either PAUSE< FAST FORWARD, REWIND, and the player then describes a time in their past when they were successful in controlling their anger and calming their feelings. They also describe a probable consequence if angry behavior is acted on. Players will practice all three skills when playing this game, players also practice planning ahead, and also identify social skills and exercise frustration tolerance.



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