Sable Sand Tray with Lid and Stand


Pictures Don’t even do this beautiful Wood Sand tray for Therapy  with Sable Finish justice. This is an incredible Sand Trays Dark Luxurious Finish adds an extra touch of luxury to SandTrays. This same finish is used in the Top of the Line Luxury RV’s that sale for over a million dollars. You can see the richness in this beauty, combined with the newest addition to our line for 2021 is the Ocean Inside! finish, that  shows the dark blues combined with light blues sealed for wet sand applications with a super slick 90 sheen finish that gives it a water appearance for added user experience when you add any sensory sand for play this sand tray will soon be a favorite in the Play Therapy room for its vivid colors and deep rich finish inside -nothing on the market compares to this gem.

Measures 28.5″ Long by 18.5″ Wide by 3.5″ Sky Blue interior with High Gloss Finish on the entire sand tray to allow for wet sand applications.

Amish Handcrafted Sand Trays for Play Therapy.

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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 6 in