Self-Control in a Box


An estimate 40% of all children who are in counselling are there because of self-control problems. Children who control their impulses are more likely to succeed in social situations and school  than children who have inadequate self-control. Studies show that self-control is an inborn trait, but even children who are born impulsive can be taught self-control skills. This wonderfully illustrated game , Self-Control in a Box consists of one hundred ideas to help children develop self-control skills and habits, including suggestions on how to resist temptation, plan and organised, and anticipate consequences. The cards ask children to think about their behavior and to try new ways to behave and relate to others.

Based on the principles of solution-oriented therapy, the advice is simple and straightforward. It requires you to: Define specific goals Differentiate children from their problems Focus on the possible and the changeable Discover small steps that lead to success Understand that change is constant

Age: seven to seventeen.

Sample card 1: ‘People have much less control over their feelings and behaviors when they are stressed. Name three ways you can reduce stress in your life, and pick on to work on today.’

Sample card 2: ‘If you could make up one rule everyone in your family would have to follow, what would it be?’

Sample card 3: ‘Mark used curse words so often that cursing became a habit. After being sent to the principal’s office three times, he knew it was a habit he had to control. How would you advise him to change this habit?’

Contents: Contains one hundred cards.

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