Self-Control Patrol Workbook: Exercises for Anger Management


This Spiral book addresses social and and behavioral issues, it contains new resources to use in play therapy..  These activities are essential in play therapy sessions. This workbook can be used for all grade levels and functioning levels, modified for lower functioning students and expanded upon for higher cognitive functioning students. The basic premise is ageless.

In essence this book stresses that it is okay to be angry and that the most important part of being angry is how we express the feelings. The lessons flow logically from a meta cognition, having students explore situations that they feel anger, to how angry feelings manifest within their own bodies. Alternative outcomes are explored from the choices made in how feelings are expressed. These same methods and exercises are used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by professionals making a heck of a lot more money than me, with essentially the same results. I have had a great deal of success using these exercises and activities and the students really seem to enjoy and participate. I highly recommend this to educators, therapists, or anyone working with kids, or adults for that matter, with anger management issues.

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