The Berenstain Bears Talk About Feelings Bingo Game


  • Teach kids how to develop and understand their feelings and the feelings of others
  • Discuss and work on nonverbal behaviors.
  • Geared for ages 5-10 and best suited for  2-6 players

This Bingo game teaches kids how to understand the feelings of others, and to understand nonverbal behavior, how to deal with difficult feelings, and much more. This new bingo game is a perfect way to teach emotional intelligence skills in play therapy and counseling sessions or classrooms.

The play therapist or teacher, counselor picks a card at random and calls it out. If a child can match it to his/her Bingo Card, she/he must answer a question before putting down a chip. A very simple but effective way to teach emotional skills that kids will love!

Amish Handcrafted Sand Trays for Play Therapy.

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