The Social Skills Program Cards


  • Helping child therapy students express important personal thoughts and feelings
  • Topics include: interpersonal styles, communication effectiveness, social support, conflict resolution styles, and social risk taking
  • There are  75 cards and instructions included in this packet
  • Ages: 3 and up

These cards are designed to help group children in therapy  express important personal thoughts and feelings about effective and ineffective social skills that are influential in their lives. The cards will introduce children to the group process, enhance each member’s ability to disclose personal information and interact freely with others, and help children to  work through specific issues related to social skills. These cards cover a wide variety of topics including interpersonal styles, social support  communication effectiveness,  social risk taking, conflict resolution styles.

Allows children to share with the group two ways you will work to improve your listening skills.
What do you value most about your  style?
Share with the group three people who provide you with support?

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