Triple Sand Tray Cart with wheels.



Our triple decker portable with wheels sand tray storage cart. This portable sand tray storage cart can hold three sand trays. Each level allows for a full size 28.5″x 19.5″x 3.5″ Dora Kalff regulation Sand Trays to be place on the top level or the slid into the middle level or placed in the lowest level.

This triple decker portable sand tray car measures 29″ High total height, by 23″ length, by 23″ wide.  This sand tray is Amish handcrafted with high strength Baltic birch premium wood that is used to construct high quality handmade Amish furniture.

Fasted with high strength truss level grade screws and joined with the tightest tolerances in furniture grade products. This triple decker portable sand tray cart will be able to withstand the rigors of day to day life in a busy Play Therapy clinic and being pushed around from office to office where needed.

Casters complete the triple decker portable sand tray cart allowing this unit to be portable and pushed around to areas that it is needed to deliver multi sand tray uses.

Sand Tray are sold separate. This is a custom unit so we do not carry these in stock so it may take up to a week for this unit to be hand crafted and shipped. We promise the wait will be worth it. And will all out sand tray products if you request a specific finish we can match our Copper, Cashmere, Sable sand tray finishes with special request to match our premium sand tray finishes.


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Amish Handcrafted Sand Trays for Play Therapy.

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Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 8 in