Yutyrannus Sandtray Miniature for Play Therapy


This species reference to its striking plumage. The feathers in Yutyrannus  looked shaggy in life as it prowled around China hunting for prey. Yutyrannus is classified as an early tyrannosaur and was one of the first truly large examples of this group.  Feathers in this carnivorous relative of T. rex suggested that other large tyrannosaurs may have had them, too. Yutyrannus hunted during the early Cretaceous in China, around 125 million years ago, and was the top predator in its environment.

  • Scientific Name: Yutyrannus huali
  • Characteristics: Yutyrannus was a two-legged carnivore with short arms and a large head. It had sharp curved teeth, a low crest running along the top of its skull, and a long counterbalancing tail. It had large hands with three fingers and large claws. Its body was covered with shaggy filamentous feathers. It grew up to 30 feet long, the size of a minibus.
  • Size and Color: This figure is eight inches long and three inches high. Its plumage has a dappled pattern of cream and light blue, and it has a mane of decorative black and white feathers around its neck.
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