Rolling Cart with SandTray

Mobile is the future of the Wooden Sand Tray with Lid! If you have been reading Play Therapy Outlet’s Blog posts you will see the History of how the Sand Tray came to be with the humble beginnings starting with H.B. Wells Book “Floor Games” over a hundred years ago.
Fast forward to today in 2019 and we here at Play Therapy Outlet is evolving the Wooden Sand Tray with wonderful mobile rolling carts. We have several models now that contain wheels to allow the carts to move. Our Customers have rewarded us by making these rolling cars some of our best sellers to date, and we have several more in the works!
Play Therapy Outlet’s Wood Rolling cart is a very popular model in that it allows the user to have a Wooden Sand Tray with Lid on the top and to be able to store Wooden Sand Trays with Lid down below on the lower shelf. The casters with the cart are made from a durable hardened plastic for various terrains and elevations.
Our Wooden rolling cart is made from the White Poplar that is a durable and soft wood used extensively in wood working and furniture making. The height of the Wooden Rolling Cart is 28 inches high allowing for children to be able to reach the Sand Tray effortlessly.

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