Sand Tray Table on Wheels

  • This Sand Tray Table on Wheels comes to you by popular demand. We take great pride and care in our wooden sand trays, and it was by popular demand we put our fabulous sand trays on wheel for those Play Therapists that have a need for mobile Play!
  • Our Sand Tray Table on Wheels comes constructed with solid wood baltic wood premium wood, sanded to a smooth finish and finished inside with the Ocean Inside! Finish. It also contains dovetail reinforced corners which means years of Play Therapy use.
  • Our Sand Tray on Wheels comes with a storage shelf on the lower section for optimum use of space.
  • Each cart is handcrafted by Amish craftsmen here in the USA.

By popular demand! A rolling sandtray cart for the Play Therapy Outlet or Premium Wooden Sand Tray with wheels, means that you can take your sand tray therapy to different play therapy offices or many other uses. Solid and durable solid Amish construction for durability and strength with a rich Ocean Inside! finish. Our Sand Tray cart contains locking swivel casters that allow the cart to be locked in place.

This Sand Tray on Wheels has a perfect tray on the lower level for sandtray miniatures to be stored and sorted, which is ideal for play therapist who may have smaller offices, and this sand tray lower level shelf allows for clients to keep sandtray miniatures below when they are not in use in the play sand. By allowing the client to keep a sandtray miniatures list close by on what they may have already used this allows the client to interact much more effectively with sand tray therapy.

The used sand tray miniatures can be placed for close access to the client under the sandtray on the cart which is an ideal distance to be hand selected and chosen for play therapy. By using this sand tray table below, play therapists and the client can sort, select and add or take away various sandtray miniatures during a therapy session.

Dimensions: 28″ L x 19 W x 28H

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