Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy-
In recent times, various therapies had been evolved in order to help people overcome their past traumatic incidents one such therapy is sand tray therapy, this therapy is considered to be one of the most powerful therapy as it involves various phases.
This therapy was developed by Margaret Lowenfeld, Dora Kalff, Goesta Harding, Charlotte Buhler, Hedda Bolgar, Lisolotte Fischer, and Ruth Bowyer.
Sand Tray therapy can be applied on childrens, adults as well as on teenagers. As per individuals requirement it can be performed like whether they wanted to do it in groups, as couples or as an individual.

Sandtray therapy that targets individuals mental health as it helps them to overcome their past fears and distressing experiences.

Sand Tray Therapy sometimes does not include any conversation, it is a non verbal therapeutic process.

Sand Tray Therapy is a expressive therapy through which individuals can easily be able to express their thoughts and emotions.

What is Sand Tray Therapy-
Sand Tray therapy is considered to be a soothing therapeutic process that involves combination of play therapy and art therapy.

It is often referred to as sand play therapy as it includes various types of games, for example a person undergoing this therapy can create different things using contrasting miniatures.

Sand Tray Therapy involves various brain integrated activities so that an individuals senses can be more active during the therapy and this would help them to develop higher level skills such as evolution of empathy and discernment.

Sand Tray Therapy includes various tools such as a sand box, miniature toys such as farm animals and dinosaurs to people and cars. Trees, fences, gates, doors, and buildings are common as well and sometimes water so that individuals can comfortably make things according to their imagination.
The Sand Tray Therapy is performed in a box like container filled with sand, the miniature toys that helps them to give a peaceful and a cheerful environment and with the use of water children can dig in sand, sift it, build with it, pour it, enjoy the feel and smell of it, this would definitely help them to be more expressive.

Sand Play therapy is best suited for those individuals who are less expressive and found hard to show others what they feel.

This type of therapy is often used with individuals that had suffered from any abuse or had been ill treated in their past, these past experiences can be so severe that individuals may take several sessions to get rid of their fears and anxiety.

Play Therapy helps children to enhance their physical growth and it strengthens their muscle skills to develop during performing activities such as digging, pouring, sifting, scooping, and cleaning up spills with brush and dustpan moreover the coordination between small muscles helps them to manipulate sand accessories.

Sand Tray Therapy helps the adults and teenagers to reduce their stress and agitation, after several sessions they would feel a sense of aplomb and wisdom in them, such senses would help them to overcome anxiety, Mood disorders and emotional problems.

How Sand Tray Therapy Works
Child Therapists advice varying sessions of this therapy according to individuals condition, if they have severe problems then the therapists would advice them to undergo various sessions and if acute problems then it would be advised to take a few weeks session.
This therapy includes various phases-

Child therapists dive into the details of what kind of situation the individual has encountered in the past years.

On the second phase the child therapist forms a strategy that how to tackle individuals problem and based on that the therapist would suggest that how many sessions would be needed to resolve individuals problem.

Sand tray therapy stresses on the fact how a person is experiencing at that moment, and therapists are actively involved in facilitating current experiences of awareness and growth.

Using this technique play therapist provides a large sand tray to individuals and then toys or may be some other objects so that they can create something of their own, the therapist ensures independent and a secure environment.

During the session, the therapist does not interrupt them and silently observes them so that there would be no panic or any other stress that would prevent them to create what they actually feel like.

This therapy includes various techniques but the most common is world technique, in this technique people are advised to use miniature toys, discrete figures and various objects in the sand so that the play therapist could later analyse individuals mental state.

Sand Play Therapy researchers believe that this therapy directly tackles human behavior and issues related to child development.
Various research shows that sand trays are an effective way to treat a variety of problems and can be used in many forms for instance it can be performed on children’s, adults and on teens.

The results are surprisingly well after receiving several sessions they showed less aggressive behavior and experience more concentrated well balanced mind.

Sand tray sessions may be 30 to 60 minutes in length and may be scheduled weekly or as per individuals convenience.

For better results the therapist would ask them to photograph their sand trays so that the changes in the scenes can be reviewed over time or therapist may discuss the essential facts observed during the sessions.
Sand Tray Therapy can help adults release their negative emotions, stress and can increase their positive aspect towards life. It also helps them to make necessary changes in their lifestyle, so that they could be more self directed and goal oriented.

Sand play has few limitations as well for instance some studies show that it is a time-consuming and confusing process. Some people feels that this process involves too much dependence on the clinical expertise.

Some experiments has shown that it is quite not suited for adults who are stubborn and resistant to any change, such therapies could not work without individuals effort. It’s a two way process which means that the therapist as well as individual should work in coordination to make this therapy successful.

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