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Sand Tray Miniatures are an important part of Sand Play Therapy. The “Art” in the Sand Tray s what makes up everything that is in the World, Everything that has been, everything that can be. Although this list is quite extensive of what to include within an Sand Tray, we can break this down in to much more manageable lists that will give your Sand Tray a great start or a great list of what to have on hand as you begin your journey of adding valuable Sand Tray Miniatures to your collection.

Lets get started. A Sand Tray can have a wide array of Sand Tray Miniatures and what they represent is vastly important to the user and the Child Therapist. Your Collection should be include a few things in each category. Align your collections to your users age. Preschoolers with gravitate towards imaginative fantasy and the familiar family figurines.

Latency age will want action figures such as military figurines and miniatures preforming tasks etc. Teenagers will want more changing type figures such as a butterfly miniature or archetypal figures, the psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung believed that mythic characters that represent human motifs of our experiences as humans as we evolve, and these archetypal figures involve deep emotions.

Another niche is Child Life Therapist or Nurses and Play Therapist who work in hospitals. These type of miniatures would include: band aids, The Wooden MRI Machine, XRay Machine, doctor kits with stethoscope , syringes and needles, hospital beds etc.
Other clusters of miniatures represent EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR. Examples of these Miniatures would be: Earth: Marbles, rocks, raw amethyst rock, waterfalls , caves, shovels, trees.Water: Boats, Canoes, water wells or wishing wells, blue fabric.Fire includes: Matches, Candles, lighters, campfire miniatures, fireplaces, lighted tea cups.Air Includes: Sailboats, Birds of the Air, Tornado, feathers or when people breathe of blow into a Sand tray.
Animals try giving yourself permission to get oddball sizes of Animals Sand tray Miniatures this will showcase the expressiveness of the client using different sizes of miniatures in the sand.

In the Wild good examples would be Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
Forest would be: squirrels, rabbits, opossum, foxes, bobcats, coyotes, skunks.
Domesticated would include cats, and dogs and hamsters and ferrets.
Fantasy Magicians, Fairy Tales, Wizards, Disney figures like Maleficent.

Farm Figures such as: Goats, Cows, Horses, Pigs, Sheep, Lambs, Chickens.
Birds would include: ducks, owls, swans , eagles, birds with nests, peacocks.
Insects: Praying Mantis, Butterfly, Cockroach, Cricket, miscellaneous bugs.
Water/Sea: Sharks, Dolphins, Whales, miscellaneous fish.
Half-human- half- animals:  satyrs, hippo centaur , mermaids, centaurs, Dracotaur .
Reptiles: frogs, crocodiles, alligators, snakes, lizards, turtles.
Monsters (both large and small) (two headed) often representative of an alcoholic or absent father figure .
Food: Beer cans, liquor bottles, cake, eggs, nourishing food.
Plants Trees: Cacti, Miniature Tree Figures with or without leaves, flowers.
Rocks fossils and shells.
Barriers or dividers: Screens, fences or signs.
Vehicles: ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, race cars, trucks, fuel trucks, ladder trucks emergency vehicles.
People: Multi cultural, babies, children, adolescent, adult, old and action figures.
Aggression Figures: army soldiers, knights, cowboys, Indians, aliens.
spiritual gods, figures from different religions.
Try to incorporate order in how the miniatures are arranged on your shelf’s to avoid emotions such as fear if a baby miniature is next to a lion figure. This unsettle the client, so try to create as much order as possible in arranging the miniatures you collect.

Other items that are important to have on hand are: water, glue, plastic wrap (to allow for pond creation so the water doesn’t go into the sand). Dollhouses, and playdoh and art supplies to allow the individual to create their own figures.

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