Teaching Wooden Court Set

Introducing the only Teaching Wooden Court Set on the market! We had a large interest early on and searches suggested that we create a wooden court set for Play Therapist

use. These Wooden Court Sets were extremely popular very early on and we plan on implementing a Facebook campaign where we have a special wooden court set that will be Free with Paid Shipping!
Please stay tuned to our Facebook page for this highly anticipated promotion. Our Teaching Wooden Court Set combines the sensory feel of wood along with the Sand Tray Miniatures setting we have all come to love in Sand Tray Therapy. This Teaching Wooden Court Set can help alleviate some of the anxiety that a Child may feel as they enter a court room for the first time.
The Child Therapist or educator will can help alleviate the child anxiety by knowing what to expect in a Court Room and what different areas of the Court Room Represent. This Teaching Wooden Court Set allows the child to connect with the Therapist with any questions that they may have or concerns that they may have. By having this Court Set, the Therapist can create a safe space and an open dialogue for the child to feel more in control of the process emotionally.
This 12 piece Teaching Wooden Court Set contains 4 wooden benches to represent a Gallery. There is also two rails to serve as a division between the gallery and the court area.Beyond the Rails are the Defendant table and the Plaintiff Table, also along the side is a Jury Box, a Witness Stand and a Podium and Court Reporters Desk with a tiny wooden Laptop!The Judges bench completes the Teaching Wooden Court Set.
This Wooden Court Set can be filled with doll figures and Sand Tray Miniatures that represent a judge figure, attorneys, miniatures for the gallery and jury box.

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