Therapy Toys

Therapy Toys can be a very effective and helpful Play Therapy tool. The use of Play Therapy toys are widely used for calming, and alerting, they promote focus and concentrating, many Therapy Toys decrease stress and increase tactile awareness of fingers and arms through the use of proprioceptive input. The proprioceptive input system activities can include: weight-bearing activities such as push ups off the ground or crawling for a ball. Pulling activities such as pushing a roll cart or pulling a wagon.Deep Pressure such as big hugs, weighted blankets. Oral Activities such as chewing, sensory stix, blowing bubbles etc. Cardiovascular fitness such as: running, jogging, cycling, aerobics, dancing, throwing a ball and other sports related activities. Heavy lifting activities for play therapy such as: jumping, digging in a sandbox or sand, riding a bicycle, building a fort, doing yoga or stretches, climbing trees, walking a pet, playing on the monkey bars, march or jog in place. Aggression Play

such as: Ripping up paper, wrestle of rough house, pushing a wheel barrel briskly, tug of war etc.

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