Wooden Sand Tray with Lid and Stand

“Sandplay allows a movement within the client that is profound. It identifies unspoken issues and brings solutions. Sandplay is for everyone. Children love it and adults marvel at it.”~ Marg Garvan,Sandplay AustraliaPlay Therapy Outlet has a wide variety of Sand Trays, and many people associate sand trays with children only. However, this type of Therapy can be used for any age including adults. Sand Play or Sand Work, is an expressive therapy

where a Wooden Sand Tray or in some cases a plastic sand tray is used to create imaginary worlds.
Sand Play allows the client to bypass the here and now and reasoning and reach deeper levels of creative and expressive play.
Play Therapy Outlet has Sand Trays that are left unfinished and have the raw nature type feel that has many sensory benefits to them. Our Wooden Sand Tray with Lids also come with folding stands that match the raw natural wood look as well. Our Folding stands are very handy for clients that need extra space within offices and areas that space may not be limited. Our Sand trays come with a very important lid that allows for the storage of the Sand Tray and sand with a lid to keep a nice clean look on the Sand Tray.
Just as our Sand Trays can be customized to fit many different space needs. Sand Play allows for Sensory type sand to be piled up to show a mound or hill in the sand or a dune or mountain. The Sand Tray sand can be moved around the Tray to create landscape elevations and ponds and water ways that bridges and various other water represented type settings are complemented with a blue interior finish that allows the user to experience both land and water within the Sand Tray.
Play Therapy Outlet carried various Sand Types for these Sand Trays that may be purchased in addition to the Sand Trays or individually.
Our Sand Trays have many different finishes that range from dark to light. They are:
Our Sable Wooden Sand Tray:
Our Sable Sand Tray contains a deep dark stain , that looks ebony in the shadows and a dark gray in the light.
Copper Wooden Sand Tray:
Our Copper Wooden Sand Tray is a brighter and lively finish, that has a red like appearance along with a deep dark reddish in the shadows giving it a much richer appearance with a very elegant finish.
Cashmere Wooden Sand Tray:
Contains a very unique finish that’s not quite a stain or a paint finish, but a rich milky coating that overlays the wood grain fabulously giving the Wooden Sand Tray a smooth, bright finish that captures the light beautifully.
Wooden Rolling Cart with Casters and Wooden Sand Tray:
Our mobile units with Play Therapy are very good sellers. They are much needed in busy Play Therapy offices that require much need for mobile Play. We have the rolling cart to address those needs. The rolling cart can have one Sand Tray placed on the top of the cart, or several others can be placed below for storage. The four 3″ casters are ebony in color and are very durable for rugged operation and uneven terrains.
Wooden Rolling Cart with Drawer
Our rolling cart with drawer is another favorite with Play Therapist in that this mobile rolling cart contains a drawer that allows for the storage of miniatures and various other Sand Tray accessories.

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